serrated washerART manufactures a wide variety of custom washers ranging from basic flat and conical washers to highly engineered washers with tight tolerance geometry such as dual chamfers, serrations, grooves and spherical.  ART stamps a wide range a materials including low and high carbon steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless, HSLA and more, and thicknesses from .01” to .369”.

Using variety of presses based on your needs, ART matches tonnage, speed, and cavities to produce washers to your exacting specifications while controlling costs.

ART is both IATF-196949 and ISO-9000 certified.  We work with customers in a range of markets including automotive, industrial, heavy truck, commercial, construction and more.  ART uses a 3D scanning microscope to ensure both tooling and parts meet your specifications as required.

Whether you need 10,000 washers or 1 billion washers, ART has the expertise and equipment to supply you with the custom washers you need. We use a combination of dedicated and master dies to help ensure we keep tooling in check and material waste to a minimum.

We also provide value added services such as heat treating, plating, and even kitting.  ART can stake unique washers to your fasteners and package onsite, reducing your overall costs even further.

ART uses high speed vision inspection to ensure every washer meets your needs prior to packing.  With multiple cameras and a glass bottom to see both sides of the washer.

See what ART can do for you.