Automatic Thrust Bearing Assembly Machine

In our pursuit of providing value through excellence and efficiency, ART Metals Group uses a customer-centric approach to developing services that go beyond the scope of a typical manufacturer-supplier transaction. The key to our effort is listening to what customers have to say. By taking the time upfront to understand their requirements and goals, we offer solutions that go beyond expectations.

A strong alignment between sales, engineering, and production enhances the products and services we provide. As a team, we identified an opportunity to gain a large volume thrust bearing business by lowering costs through automation. Our total cost solution involved the design and build of a custom automated rotary thrust bearing assembly machine, and an economical packaging strategy. Thereby reducing the customer’s overall inventory and handling expenses.

Used in large, commercial duty trailer landing gear, this thrust bearing assembly features dimensions of 2.50” O.D x 1.195” I.D. and incorporates twelve .4375” diameter balls. Our automated equipment provides fast, accurate, and repeatable assembly of these components. With in-process quality checkpoints. Qualifying this equipment was a process that included a robust test plan. ART performed and documented dimensional measurements as well as static load, dynamic load, and fatigue test metrics in compliance with Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) standards.

ART delivers the thrust bearings on a weekly basis to optimize the customer’s on-site inventory level and reduce inventory expenses. The custom-designed, reusable containers integrate into the customer’s automated assembly lines. These containers feature a compact profile to reduce storage space and shipping costs.

With an annual production quantity of approximately 600,000 units, our high-quality, total cost solution serves the customer well. If you are interested in learning more about this project or our low-cost manufacturing solutions, contact us today.

Highlights of this Automatic Thrust Bearing Assembly Machine

Project Name & Description

Automatic Thrust Bearing Assembly Machine

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Automatic rotary thrust bearing assembly machine

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Custom designed & built automated bearing assembly machine

Overall Part Dimensions

(12) .4375 Dia balls
2.500″ O.D.
1.195″ I.D.

Tightest Tolerances

+/- .002″

Material Used

Chrome Grade 1000
4118 Steel
1008-1010 Steel

Material Finish


Industry for Use

OEM Trailer landing gear

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Static and Dynamic load testing
Bearing fatigue testing


600,000 bearings EAU

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Weekly, with returnable packaging

Standards Met

TTMA Specifications