serving the electrical industryART Metals Group supplies high precision metal stampings for a wide variety of electrical products and assemblies. Trusted for our ability to meet the highest precision requirements and extreme tolerances, our team provides low to high volumes of stamped components in a broad range of configurations. As a supplier, we have the ability to provide our customers with value added services that result in quality component products, delivered at competitive prices.

Manufacturing Capabilities for the Electrical Market

Our team produces electrical components with extremely tight tolerances to meet precise manufacturing requirements. Using our specialized stamping dies, we create component parts of various shapes, forms, and sizes. We stamp and form components from a wide range of metals, such as copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloys.

ART Metals Group is capable of engineering solutions for the manufacture of challenging and custom electrical stampings, bearings, and assemblies. We house 16 presses ranging from 45 to 800 ton capacity. In addition, we have 9 assembly machines, as well as a full service tool room.

Electrical Assemblies and Components

ART Metals Group is a dependable contract manufacturer, supplying a wide variety of metal stamped/ formed products for electrical products and assemblies, including:

  • Connectors
  • Clips
  • Backing plates