Metal Stamping and Value-Added Services

ART Metals Groups is a global supplier of stamped parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies.  As a contract manufacturer, ART leverages its’ vast experience to bring your designs to life.  Whether you need a stamped part or adding one or more of our value-added services, ART can deliver.

In 1943, a tool and die maker from Germany named Ally Pfirrmann started ART because he believed tool and die making was an ART.  80 years later, his vision continues and ART has grown and expanded over the years to support our customers.

Quick glance:

  • 70,000 sq ft facility
  • 16 stamping presses from 45-800 ton
  • Straight side, C frame, Incline, Side-knuckle (coin) presses
  • 2 manual bearing assembly machines
  • 3 semi-automated bearing machines
  • 1 fully automated bearing machine
  • 3 metal washer inspection machines
  • Full service tool room – design, build, run capable
  • 2 shifts with additional open capacity

Talk to us about your needs to see how ART supports you.