serving the industrial industryART Metals Group metal stamping provides essential components for the off road equipment and heavy machinery market. Our team manufactures components with extremely tight tolerances to meet precise manufacturing requirements.

An example of an application we’ve served is providing high performance bearings that allow rotation under heavy load in vertical load applications:

  • Low RPM no more than 1,000
  • Articulation under load in vertical applications
  • Load is a one directional load – load ranges from 1,000 lbs to over 200,000 lbs

Other types of industrial applications include lift stations, industrial equipment, off-road equipment, lift equipment, conveyors, and more. As a manufacturing supplier partner, we offer the benefit of IATF 16949 and ISO 9000 certifications.

Manufacturing Capabilities for the Industrial Market

ART Metals Group is capable of designing solutions for the fabrication of custom stampings, bearings, and assemblies, including the most challenging configurations. We house 16 presses ranging from 45 to 800 ton capacity. In addition, we have 9 assembly machines as well as a full service tool room.

Specialized stamping dies allow us to create parts of various shapes, forms, and sizes. We stamp and form a wide range of metals, such as copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloys.

Industrial Assemblies and Components

ART Metals Group is a dependable contract manufacturer, supplying a wide variety of metal stamped/ formed products for industrial equipment and assemblies, such as:

  • Tapered roller thrust bearing assembly – heavy load applications for industrial equipment
  • Compound & progressive die stampings – from 0.01” to 0.375” thickness including brackets, clips, and braces
  • Washers – flat and conical washers
  • Custom engineered retention washers – serrations, anti-rotation flag, chamfer
  • Ball thrust bearing assemblies – for a wide range of low RPM applications such as trailer landing gear, off-road equipment, and machinery
  • Tapered roller bearing assembly – numerous applications for vertical load