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Thick Metal Stampings

ART Metals Group has provided heavy gage metal stamping since 1943. Our thick metal stamping capabilities hold high tolerance and precision.

Thick Gage Stamping:

  • Up to 800 Ton Presses - for up to 7/16" thick parts
  • Small Bed Knuckle Joint (Embossing) Presses for concentrated load.
  • Coining and Blanking tolerances of +/- .001".

Heavy metal stampings from coils or strips, ART Metals Group has the knowledge and equipment to meet your most stringent requirements. Let our knowledgeable engineering staff quote your heavy stamping requirement. Copper, stainless, mild steel, brass, aluminum or another material type. Our versatility in materials and shapes and ability to produce in high volumes sets us apart from other stampers. With highly skilled employees and top-of-line equipment, we are the company for you.

ART Metals Group has the ability to utilize Single-hit, Progressive, and value added operations to manufacture heavy gage metal stampings. Our value add includes, assembly, welding and machining. Utilizing the latest CAM/CAD software tools available, our engineers can design and build the tooling for your precision parts. ART Metals Group also designs and builds prototype parts - determining the best, most cost effective method to proceed into production. This method has our customers continually returning for more design input and enjoying the benefits of the best available processes.

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