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Coined Serrated Washer for the Automotive Industry

Fabrication of a Steel Washer for the Automotive Industry
Fabrication of a Steel Washer for the Automotive Industry

Project description:

The serrated flat washer shown here is used in many high volume automotive applications. Composed of SAE 1050 steel, it features dimensions of 26.75mm to 27.25mm of outside diameter, 11.1mm to 11.3mm of inside diameter, and 2.95mm to 3.25mm in height.

This customer needed to quickly find an alternate source to manufacture this product, their previous supplier was not able to cleanly coin the serrations in the washer. They were utilizing a non-knuckle joint press; this method does not allow enough time for materials to flow into features such as serrations, small radius, ball or taper grooves, all of which are features ART offers. The washers looked okay but as they ran parts, the crispness of the embossment (coin) would wear off. This required constant maintenance of the tool, not allowing them to meet the volume required. Because of our advanced coining capabilities we were ability to eliminate all of these issues.

Our production utilized a 150 ton straight side stamping press for blanking, and our 600 ton knuckle joint/embossing press. We currently manufacture 10 million of these parts per year for this customer, meeting all of their requirements for quality and volume. High volume precision metal stamping for the Auto Industry is ART Metals' sweet spot. For more information see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Precision Coin Stamping Project

Product Description
Serrations in washer grip the mating part during assembly
Applications Include: Automotive; Engine Blocks, Suspensions
Precision Coin Stamping Capabilities Applied/Processes
Coined Stamping
Rust Inhibiting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
600 Ton Knuckle Joint Press/Embossing Press
300 Ton Straight Side Stamping Press for Blanking
Overall Part Dimensions
O.D.: Ø 26.75mm - 27.25mm
I.D.: Ø 11.1mm - 11.3mm
Height: 2.95mm - 3.25mm
Material Used
SAE 1050 Steel
Additional Facts
Embossed with serrations on both sides of washer, plus I.D Chamfers.
In process testing/inspection performed
Size Testing
Dimensional Checks
Industry for Use
Automotive Industry
10,000,000 per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
12 weeks
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Serrated Flat Washer